Emma Collaboration 2024

Participants experience 7 days of spontaneous and collaborative art making in a variety of media: blacksmithing, small metals, raising, drawing & painting, furniture, woodworking, turning, stone carving, weaving, sculpture, glass, cermics, printmaking, leatherworking, clothing & fibers, and more.

Collab with Us!

This is an invitational event but if you wish to submit your information and be considered for an invite, or have received an invitation for this event and have questions, please email Carlie Letts at emmacollaboration@gmail.com

Be sure to let us know if you’d like to be considered as a professional or emerging artist, and be ready to provide us with images of your work, website, and additional information about yourself.

Dates and Locations

Collaboration Event

July 31th - August 8th, 2024
Ness Creek Festival Site
Big River, SK, Canada

Ness Creek Art Auction

Information to come...

EMMA International Collaboration’s Mission is to bring Canadian and International artists together in an informal and immersive environment of collaboration igniting their professional practices and building creative community. EMMA’s Conduct Guidelines are intended to establish a shared understanding of our common goals and to ensure all people feel welcome and respected.

Support Us!

Art purchases and donations help make this possible! Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Learn more here, or contact Carlie Letts at emmacollaboration@gmail.com

Participating Artists

Russell Baldon furniture, sculpture, drawing
Gord Blackmore Furniture
Cynthia Blanchette Painting, Sculpture, Installation
Jessica Brown Performance, Public Art
Andy Buck Furniture, Sculpture, Wood
Rossel Bérard wood, furniture
M Craig Campbell Metal, Blacksmith
Joan Carrigan natural fibers, wood
Heather Cline Painting
Fred Coates wood, furniture
Bonnie Conly Drawing, Sculpture, Mixed Media
Sandra Dunn metal, blacksmithing
Lindsay Embree Fiber, Printmaking
Joshua Enck Wood, Metal, Sculpture
Karen Ernst Wood, Furniture
Terri Fidelak Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Sam Forsythe Graffiti, Metals
Mike Free wood, mixed media, carving
Gabriela Garcia-Luna Photo, Digital, Printmaking, Drawing
Jean-Sébastian Gauthier Video, Digital Imaging, Wood, Sculpture
Lisa Geertson Blacksmithing
Rob Gilchrist Metals
Brian Gladwell Cardboard, Furniture, Sculpture
Lyonel Grant Wood, Sculpture, Carving
Amarette Gregor Jewelry, Fibers
Alex Gupton Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Alexa Hainsworth Sculpture, Installation
Doug Haslam wood, furniture, sculpture
Robb Helmkamp Wood, Furniture, Sculpture
Michael Hosaluk Wood, Metal, Found Objects
Grant Irons Metal
Miranda Jones Mixed Media, Metal
Kim Kelzer Wood, Paint, Furniture
Eveline Kolijn Printmaking, Mixed Media
Adrian Legge Metal, Blacksmithing
Frans Lotz Sculpture
Adam John Manley Furniture, Sculpture
John Monteath Metal, Blacksmith
Yvonne Musey Johnson Metal, Jewelry
Wendy Naepflin natural fibres, weaving
Jason Nemec Wood, Mixed Media
Levi Nicholat Painting
Arthur Perlett Wood, Furniture
Jason Ramey Furniture
Lindsey Rewuski Mixed Media, Light, Experience
John Rizzo Sculpture, Fabrication
Gary Robins Photography, Printmaking
Pam Robinson Metals, Jewelry
Lee Romney Painting, Fabric, Embroidery, Clay, Mixed Media, Found Objects
Melanie Rose Fiber, Fashion
Bob Rotche Wood, Woodturning
Peter Scheidt Wood, Furniture
Mike Scott Wood, Woodturning
Eva Seidenfaden Natural Fiber, Wood
Lin Snow Painting, Drawing, Illustration
Melissa Squire Textiles, Fashion
Maiko Sugano Wood, Furniture
Lynn Szymanski Wood, Furniture, Sculpture
Mark Tan Wood, Found Objects, Installation
Veronica Tricker Tattoo, Skin, Ink
Sherry Willets Wood, Leather, Acrylic
Kimberly Winkle Wood, Furniture
Aurora Wolfe Painting, Sculpture, Beadwork, Music
Eric Wolken Wood, Furniture